Monday, October 5, 2009

Microsoft Releases Windows Mobile 6.5, Marketplace for Mobile

Microsoft and an array of handset manufacturers rolled out the latest generation of phones based on the Windows Mobile operating system, version 6.5. The new phones are available with a wide variety of styles and features, including full physical QWERTY keyboards, touch screens or both. Windows phones offer more choices of mobile operators and phone styles than any other mobile platform on the market. Manufacturers include Acer, HP, HTC Corp., LG Electronics, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba Corp.

Microsoft also announced the availability of two key services platforms for the new phones: My Phone and Windows Marketplace for Mobile. My Phone is a free service that helps people back up and manage photos, applications and other content from their phone or PC, as well as restore information in the event of a lost phone. Windows Marketplace for Mobile is an online library of business and leisure mobile applications -- as well as games -- that customers can buy and download directly to their phones.