Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Juniper Opens Junos Space and Junos Pulse to Developers

Juniper Networks unveiled an open cross-network software platform that allows customers to directly program multiple layers of their networks for rich user experiences, smart economics and fast time to market. This is accomplished using Juniper's Junos network operating system, a new "Junos Space" network application platform and a new "Junos Pulse" integrated network client.

Juniper first opened up the Junos operating system in 2007, delivering a software developer's kit. Junos Space (available today) and Junos Pulse (available in first half 2010) extend that intelligence across the network and to endpoint devices.

Junos Space is an open development and deployment platform for network applications, which enable customers and third-party developers to simplify network operations, automate support and accelerate service delivery. Junos Space initially ships as a platform with three applications:

  • Ethernet Activator, which enables customers to quickly create and activate services, including activation of VPN services up to 10 times faster than competitive products;

  • Route Analyzer, which provides DVR-like recording and playback capability to plan, simulate and troubleshoot MPLS networks;

  • Service Now, which speeds resolution of service issues by having Juniper systems "call" Juniper support experts with troubleshooting data and details, saving valuable time for both customers and service technicians.

Junos Pulse is a new integrated multi-service network client, which reduces the number of client applications that need to be distributed and supported -- and hides security complexity to deliver a better experience for users wherever they are. Junos Pulse will provide location-aware and identity-aware access to networks, including enterprise access controls, remote SSL VPN access and WAN acceleration that are currently available from Juniper in separate network clients. By bringing several products together in a single standards-based client, Junos Pulse will provide network users with a consistent, convenient experience that masks the complexities of security and mobility protocols -- regardless of their location or access device. Junos Pulse will support the Trusted Network Connect (TNC) open standards and specifications.