Wednesday, October 21, 2009

IP Infusion Announces ZebOS Internet Route Server

IP Infusion announced its ZebOS Internet Route Server -- a Linux-based platform that will enable service providers to remotely view, monitor, filter and track routes on their networks, thus mitigating Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijacking and other DOS attacks.

BGP hijacking exploits the framework of BGP Internet routing protocol for bad configuration that allows propagation of illegal routing information through BGP signaling, resulting in "black-holing" and disruption of services. The ZebOS Internet Route Server solution, paired with support for anti-BGP hijacking, provides a low-cost, robust and flexible implementation to manage critical routing information exchange as well as reduce or eliminate these attacks.

The ZebOS Internet Route Server will include a fully configured, out-of-the-box server, which will be delivered with the route server application loaded and can be used for route-viewing, monitoring and policy controlled route transmission in the control plane. Implementation of the ZebOS Internet Route Server supports instantiation of a BGP view for multiple clients that will allow network operators to easily group their BGP peers based on their actual requirements and assign unified policies for both inbound and outbound traffic.

"As global Internet traffic moves across different, autonomous systems, it is extremely important to ensure that the routes are properly monitored, managed and filtered among provider peers," said Koichi Narasaki, president and CEO, IP Infusion. "With our innovative ZebOS Internet Route Server, IP Infusion now offers scalable services for BGP monitoring, tracking and filtering of various routes at Internet exchanges. The ability for IP Infusion to offer a solution that eases concerns over network stability will provide a competitive edge to Internet service providers in their deployment of new, state-of-the-art, converged services."