Sunday, October 18, 2009

Infinera Extends its Digital Optical Reach into Metro Networks

Infinera is extending its digital optical transmission paradigm from the network core into metro markets with the introduction of a new ATN metro WDM edge platform.

With the introduction of this new compact platform and the Infinera submarine solution announced last month, Infinera now provides optical transmission across all segments of the DWDM market: metro, regional/long-haul, and submarine. All systems leverage Infinera's integrated digital bandwidth management.

The ATN is designed to offer seamless integration with an Infinera DTN network with a common network management system, enabling end-to-end service provisioning and visibility.

Infinera said its ATN network, in combination with a DTN network, can offer end-to-end integrated OTN bandwidth management for traffic transiting the network. The Infinera ATN is a compact, metro optical transport platform delivering up to 40 DWDM or 8 CWDM wavelengths on a single fiber pair. Implementing flexible Service Interface Modules (SIMs) with all line-side and client-side interfaces pluggable, the ATN offers flexible configurations to simplify and accelerate network deployment. It supports all metro transport services, including Ethernet, SAN, SONET/SDH, OTN and video services.

Infinera has already won six customers for the new ATN platform, including wins in the US and overseas. These ATN customers represent a broad range of optical network operators, including telecom carriers, cable operators, and Internet content providers.