Monday, October 12, 2009

Fujitsu Rolls Out Connection-oriented Ethernet for FLASHWAVE 9500, 4100

Fujitsu rolled out significant new capabilities for its FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet Optical Networking Platform (Packet ONP) to allow the system to aggregate, switch, and deliver Connection-oriented Ethernet (COE) services across any type of access network (EoX). The Connection-oriented Ethernet (COE) capabilities are also now supported on Fujitsu's FLASHWAVE 4100 ES platforms, which has an installed base of over 10,000 units.

The new Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-compliant EoX Gateway on the FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet ONP integrates the functionality of many network elements in central offices, hub sites, co-location facilities and IP service edges/POPs. The new EtherMapper EoX Gateway cards and system software on the FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet ONP transparently terminate a wide variety of access networks, perform Connection-oriented Ethernet switching and grooming, and present fully-protected Ethernet or SONET/SDH handoffs to other transport or service delivery networks.

A single FLASHWAVE 9500 EoX Gateway can aggregate hundreds of thousands of Ethernet/IP circuits from hundreds of different physical access networks comprised of Ethernet over SONET/SDH (EoS), T1/T3 (EoPDH), WDM (Eoλ), and fiber (EoF).

"Space is at an incredible premium in many of the hub site locations," continued Naphan. "An EoX Gateway eliminates stacks of stand-alone MSPPs, EoPDH gateways, and Ethernet switches. It aggregates all Ethernet and IP services onto one or more fully protected Ethernet External Network-to-Network Interfaces (ENNIs) or Ethernet UNIs, creating efficient handoffs to Ethernet and IP service edge networks," said Rod Naphan, vice president of product and strategic planning at Fujitsu Network Communications.

Fujitsu said the EoX Gateway on the FLASHWAVE 9500 benefits wholesale and retail Ethernet service providers by dramatically increasing the number of addressable customers for differentiable Ethernet and IP services. Service providers can use the EoX Gateway to deliver a complete wholesale access service to their retail service provider partners by aggregating and delivering standardized MEF Ethernet services over any type of access network from a flexible ENNI to a remote UNI at the customer premises. The EoX Gateway can also be used to aggregate traffic from TDM-based 2G/3G and Ethernet-based 3G/4G mobile backhaul networks, regardless of whether the cell tower is accessed via SONET or Ethernet.

The Connection-oriented Ethernet capabilities for the FLASHWAVE 4100 ES is enabled by installing new COE cards and performing an in-service software upgrade to the existing nodes. The FLASHWAVE 4100 ES Micro Packet ONP, in conjunction with the EoX Gateway on the new FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet ONP, provides a backhaul, aggregation and service delivery solution over SONET or native Ethernet over Fiber.

Applications that benefit the new COE enhancements include mobile backhaul, wholesale Ethernet access, metro Ethernet business services, and backhaul of triple play residential services including broadband Internet access from DSLAM, PON or CMTS equipment. The platform is ideal for mobile backhaul applications due to its native support for T1s and Ethernet. Existing FLASHWAVE 4100 ES cell site deployments currently providing T1 backhaul for legacy 2G/3G services can be upgraded to deliver the high-quality, Connection-oriented Ethernet capabilities required for Ethernet-based 3G and 4G wireless services. The FLASHWAVE 4100 ES platform is environmentally hardened to operate within the harsh environment of a cell site outside plant (OSP) cabinet.

"Connection-oriented Ethernet delivers the stringent QoS, performance, high availability, and security of SONET while providing the networking efficiency, bandwidth scalability and flexibility of native Ethernet," said Rod Naphan, vice president of product and strategic planning at Fujitsu Network Communications. "The addition of COE to our popular FLASHWAVE 4100 ES platform enables longer-term revenue opportunities for our customers. As their wireless service provider customers migrate to 4G, the platform supports a graceful transition from Ethernet over SONET to native Ethernet over fiber."