Monday, October 12, 2009

Extreme Unveils BlackDiamond 20804 Ethernet Transport Switch

Extreme Networks introduced its BlackDiamond 20804 Ethernet Transport switch designed for Tier 2 and Tier 3 carriers migrating from SONET/SDH and 1 Gigabit Ethernet rings to 10 Gigabit Ethernet rings. The new BlackDiamond 20804 Ethernet Transport switch boasts 120 Gbps per slot line-rate switching capacity in a 4-slot chassis. It supports up to 32 line-rate 10 GE ports per chassis initially, with ample bandwidth for future 100 GE IO Modules. The platform is also designed for future switch fabric upgrades to enable 480 Gbps of switching capacity per slot.

Extreme Networks said the new BlackDiamond 20804 enables carriers to gracefully expand video and other services on their network. Video service delivery is accelerated with multicast quality of service hardware resources that help to ensure video multicast traffic gets to the subscriber no matter how busy the network. Business Ethernet service delivery is also accelerated with MEF certified E-LINE and E-LAN support and pre-standard E-NNI support. Support for Provider Backbone Bridges enables carriers to scale their aggregation networks using reliable, industry-standard Ethernet protocols.

The BlackDiamond 20800 Series of Ethernet Transport switches includes the new BlackDiamond 20804 and the eight-slot BlackDiamond 20808. Both platforms use the same power supplies, IO modules and management modules.

In addition, the BlackDiamond 20800 Series includes support for Ethernet Access Protection Switching (EAPS RFC 3619), an Ethernet ring resiliency protocol offering 50ms failover protection on fiber access and aggregation ring topologies. In addition to EAPS, Extreme Networks offers support for advanced Ethernet OAMP protocols like Continuity Fault Management and ITU Y.1731 combine with an easy to use GUI-based service management system to provide carriers the service management tools they need to delight their subscribers.

The BlackDiamond 20804 Ethernet transport switch will be available in the first quarter of 2010.