Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eutelsat's Tooway Satellite Selected for Ireland's National Broadband Scheme

Eutelsat's satellite broadband service has been chosen under Ireland's National Broadband Scheme to deliver broadband to homes and businesses in rural Ireland.

Tooway distributor Satellite Broadband Ireland will deliver the service under its recently won contract from 3, the leading Irish mobile broadband provider running the National Broadband Scheme on behalf of the Irish Government. Under the scheme, Tooway's satellite broadband service will be delivered to up to 5% of the 223,000 targeted buildings across rural Ireland. Those qualifying under the scheme will receive Tooway's 3.6 Mbps broadband service for EUR 19.99 per month, following a one-off EUR 49.00 installation & hardware charge.

The National Broadband Scheme sees an estimated EUR 223 million investment by 3, of which a maximum of EUR 79.8 million will be contributed by the Irish Government and EU, to provide broadband services to the designated electoral districts covered by the scheme.

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