Monday, October 19, 2009

ECI Builds Managed Services Portfolio with Optimization Tools

ECI Telecom is expanding its portfolio of professional services with a suite of new tools for network planning, maintenance and operation. The new software tools include:

1. Network Design Platform (NDP) -- ECI's new, vendor-agnostic planning and design tool supports multiple technologies, such as fiber, WDM, TDM, Ethernet and MPLS.

2. LightPlan -- Developed for WDM network planning, simulation and documentation, ECI's LightPlan enables efficient and streamlined network planning workflows and uniform views of all network layers, technologies and platforms in use.

3. Site Planner -- ECI's Site Planner provides configuration and documentation for all the network elements in ECI's product portfolio.

With these new tools, ECI is introducing the following new professional services:

  • Network Design -- the Network Design service helps operators introduce new services and improve time-to-market while avoiding high-cost disruptive migrations. This service helps network operators assess and design an optimum network architecture that addresses operational as well as strategic growth requirements.

  • Network Audit -- ECI's Network Audit service enables service providers to continuously analyze and track changes in existing network elements, without compromising future plans for design and installation of new elements. The Network Audit service delivers a view of the provider's network infrastructure and equipment to facilitate the decision-making process and greatly improve resource planning, utilization and allocation.

  • Traffic Analysis and Optimization -- ECI's Traffic Analysis and Optimization service brings ease of operation to the day-to-day monitoring of critical metrics relating to network stability, capacity and utilization. It provides in-depth traffic analysis and enables the necessary fine-tuning for optimal network performance and investment protection.

In addition, ECI announced that it has been appointed by Vodafone Essar in India to perform in-depth network analysis and consultancy services. With the Network Design Platform (NDP), ECI identified key areas for optimization and laid out a plan for a smooth, efficient migration to NGN.

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