Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aurora Enhances its PON Solutions for Cable Operators

Aurora Networks introduced GEPON CPE and RFPON CPE devices for the cable market, solutions that will help cable operators evolve their networks for an all-fiber future.

The RFPON CPE and GEPON CPE are designed for outdoor and indoor mounting and can be utilized in both residential and commercial settings. The RFPON CPE provides all of the functionality of Aurora Networks' traditional RFoG CPE, but with 1610 nm upstream wavelength for PON compatibility. The GEPON CPE, with 1310 nm upstream wavelength, is the first such device in Aurora Networks' CP8000N family and is designed to co-exist with the company's new RFPON CPE. With the company's Node PON OLT module, operators can now benefit from a one-stop shop as they roll out GEPON services.

In addition, Aurora Networks has integrated its Node PON platform with Sigma Systems' Device Provisioning Manager for DOCSIS equipment provisioning and activation. This enables cable operators to leverage the same OSS provisioning technology they employ for DOCSIS cable modem services for a network utilizing Aurora Networks' Node PON solutions.

The companies said they recently conducted a DOCSIS provisioning trial utilizing Sigma System Device Provisioning Manager and Aurora's Node PON OLT and GEPON CPE devices, confirming that Aurora Networks' Node PON solution is compatible with legacy DOCSIS provisioning technology.