Wednesday, October 7, 2009

AudioCodes and BroadSoft Integration Simplifies IP Voice Deployments

AudioCodes and BroadSoft announced a strategic initiative aimed at simplifying the deployment and installation of IP voice networks. The collaboration tightly integrates AudioCodes Media Gateways, Multi-Service Business Gateways (MSBGs) and IP Phones with BroadSoft's BroadWorks VoIP application platform and VoIP Quality of Service (QoS) solutions -- eliminating many tedious configuration and maintenance processes, as well as quality of service issues that typically plague multi-vendor solutions.

Through BroadSoft Device Management, providers can quickly provision analog terminal adapters (ATAs), IP Phones, integrated access devices (IADs) and IP PBX equipment--any access device that uses XML/HTTP for profile management--at the customer site. A simple login process is used to retrieve the appropriate user-specific files directly from BroadWorks. Providers manage and control all aspects of device configuration centrally in the network, greatly reducing the time it takes to provision phones and eliminating the need for a technician visit.

"BroadSoft is committed to making the deployment process simple and scalable, and to drive down operational costs for our customers," said Ken Rokoff, vice president of business development, BroadSoft. "With AudioCodes' end-to-end customer premises solutions, coupled with BroadWorks' built-in device management capability, which is available across the entire line of AudioCodes devices, we eliminated the complex staging and configuration process."

"Simplification of the deployment of next-generation voice services is key to expanding the addressable market to cost conscious and risk-sensitive carriers," said Lior Aldema, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for AudioCodes.

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