Monday, October 26, 2009

Amdocs Acquires jNetX for its Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

Amdocs has acquired jNetX, a privately-held service delivery platform (SDP) provider, for $50 million net of debt and cash.

jNetX offers a Java-enabled convergent service platform that exposes the functions of any network service. jNetX provides a built-in set of 3GPP service enablers to control a call, a conference, a session, to interact with a user, get location, charge, etc. The system is extensible, allowing for the integration and functional exposure of any additional service enabler for simplified, reusable development. This enables the service provider to "own the service logic" and thus own and control the services provided to their customers.

The companies estimate the SDP market will grow at a 14% CAGR to $6 billion by 2013, according to figures from Analysys Mason.

Amdocs said the acquisition accelerates its position in the SDP market and builds on its own existing customer experience solutions and service delivery capabilities. The combination also provides strategic enhancements to the Amdocs CES Portfolio as it:

  • Enhances Amdocs' convergent charging offering by providing scalable and robust service control and service brokering capabilities;

  • Delivers closer integration with the Amdocs App Store to expose network services to developers;

  • Provides a holistic service delivery framework that enables a quicker launch time for new services.

In addition to the product synergies, Amdocs and jNetX share a number of top tier customers, including Vodafone Group, British Telecom and Mobilkom. The combination will benefit customers as they seek to enhance the customer experience and become an active participant in the emerging Telco-Web eco-system.