Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alloptic Releases 802.3av-compliant 10Gbps EPON

Alloptic announced availability of its 802.3av compliant 10G EPON edge10 optical line terminal (OLT).

Alloptic's OLT solution delivers 10Gbps EPON, now 802.3av-compliant, with seamless support for both 1G and 10G on the same box. This allows a common fiber infrastructure to concurrently support 1G, 10G and RFoG architectures.

The 160 Gbps switching and aggregation platform supports up to 64 GE-PONs, up to 16 x 10G-EPON per shelf, or a combination of the two. It offers up to 64 GbE or 8 10GE uplinks per shelf. The 10G PON offer the same split ratios as with 1 Gbps. Alloptic's OLT also support multi-vendor ONT interoperability.

In addition, Alloptic's 10G-EPON supports a "‘virtual PON" concept, allowing network operators to deploy a single 10G PON's bandwidth across multiple 1G PONs, lowering costs while provide 10G services whenever and wherever needed.

The Alloptic 10G EPON solution is currently available for trial.