Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WiChorus Adapts its Packet Core for HSPA & LTE

Currently in trials, the Smart GGSN solution turbo-charges HSPA/HSPA+ networks and prepares them for transition to LTE EPC without hardware replacement.

WiChorus has extended its SmartCore packet core platform to enable mobile operators to build their 3G HSPA packet core networks while providing a software upgrade path to LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC). Specifically, WiChorus is enabling support for GGSN, LTE PDN Gateway and Serving Gateway network functions. The WiChorus 3GPP solutions are fully compliant with 3GPP specifications, and are available on the SC 1400, SC 600 and SC 100 SmartCore platforms.

WiChorus' platform, which has been selected by Clearwire for deployment in its WiMAX network, provides subscriber management on a per application, per subscriber, per flow basis at line rate. WiChorus also provides advanced charging features, enables operators to adopt new business models that leverage Internet-based services. These include content-based charging, mobile advertising and revenue-sharing partnerships. In addition, the advanced stateful Layer 7 capabilities are coupled with SmartCore's knowledge of the wireless topology to allow operators to ensure fairness in network bandwidth consumption, and optimize scarce spectral and backhaul resources.

The WiChorus HSPA GGSN is currently in trials with mobile operators.

"The smart phones with social multimedia capabilities, connected notebooks and variety of other connected devices have caused a dramatic rise of Internet traffic on today's 3G networks," said Rehan Jalil, President & CEO of WiChorus. "The high CAPEX and OPEX involved in serving this Internet traffic in return for a low flat-rate fee is a significant business model challenge. With only a very small fraction of the devices worldwide with HSPA capability, it's just the tip of the iceberg. WiChorus SmartCore offers a fresh & innovative solution, addresses this business model challenge and enables to grow 3G networks with a future-proof 4G platform."

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