Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spirent Tech-X Flex Adds Copper, DSL Modules to Handheld Tester

Spirent Communications introduced new wideband copper and ADSL/VDSL2 modules for its Spirent Tech-X Flex. The DSL module offers a single solution for field testing ADSL-based and VDSL2 services with multi-vendor interoperability for many chipsets including Infineon, Broadcom, Ikanos and Conexant. As service providers migrate from ADSL-based services to VDSL2, Tech-X Flex allows for the continued use of a single solution helping to reduce or even eliminate additional purchases of test equipment. In addition Tech-X Flex provides technicians with a method of verifying that the data rates into the home are suitable for the delivery of high bandwidth services such as IPTV. The solution can also be used to determine if data service is operating correctly by way of the on board Web browser. Spirent's active Web browser allows Web connectivity to be checked over the DSL interface which helps sectionalize problems should they occur elsewhere in the home or other dwelling.

The copper module provides a range of comprehensive tests that allow technicians to test standard voice services as well as troubleshoot and maintain wideband services up to 30MHz which are required for the delivery of triple play services. Spirent's Advanced Impulse Noise Capture test, for example, allows technicians to capture information on electrical noise and its impact on DSL service so that further analysis can be carried out to identify the source of the interference.

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