Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NSN Unveils Self Organizing Networks (SON) Suite for 2G. 3G, 4G

Nokia Siemens Networks introduced a Self Organizing Networks (SON) Plug and Play feature for GSM/WCDMA/HSPA+ and LTE that automatically sets up the right parameters in base station commissioning, thereby making network rollouts faster and more efficient. The SON Plug and Play suite will also automate the optimization of networks in service.

The SON Suite is the essential part of Nokia Siemens Networks Single RAN solution. At the core of the Nokia Siemens Networks SON Suite are the market leading Flexi Multiradio Base Station and multi-technology, multi-vendor NetAct network management system. Nokia Siemens Networks SON Suite is in use already now in the company's live HSPA/HSPA+ radio access networks and will be complemented with the new SON Plug and Play.

The new Nokia Siemens Networks SON Plug and Play will be available for HSPA/HSPA+ in 4Q 2009 and for GSM and LTE next year.

"The new SON Plug and Play introduces a new level of quality to the network rollout process, making it even simpler and faster," said Tommi Uitto, Head of Wireless Access Product Management, Radio Access, Nokia Siemens Networks. "It enables base station configuration by just connecting to the transmission. The Flexi Multiradio Base Station automatically connects itself to the network with less human interaction."