Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NSN Outlines its "Network of One" Strategic Blueprint

Nokia Siemens Networks officially unveiled its long term vision of how telecom operators can transform their business models, infrastructure and operations. The "Network of One" aims to provide a unified approach to cope with the tidal wave of information being created and shared as billions of people and trillions of ‘things' link up from every corner of the planet.

"The market evolution presents many opportunities for operators, but they are also under pressure like never before. The challenges they face are becoming increasingly complex and up to now the general approach has been to deal with them separately", says Stephan Scholz, chief technology officer, Nokia Siemens Networks, speaking at the Solutions Forum. "For the first time we have outlined a holistic approach that operators can adopt to effectively use their scarce resources and provide the ideal experience for their subscribers. Very simply, that describes our Network of One."

NSN said its "Network of One" will reduce complexity while enabling operators to derive greater value from their existing assets, improve their collaboration with other industry players, and realize operational efficiencies.

The vision calls for a simplified IP based flat architecture both in wireline and wireless networks, an automated management and charging system, a consolidated view of customer data, flexible service enablement, unified control of voice and multimedia calls, and new models for optimized business operations.

The "Network of One" plan identifies six key focus areas for service providers:

One simplified network: Evolve your network architecture will towards a simple flat, converged, IP centric architecture (all-IP) allowing much more efficient handling of traffic.

One convergent service control: Converge fixed and mobile voice on one IMS based service control infrastructure, enabling rich communications for customers.

One view of customer data: consolidate customer data that is today distributed across multiple databases and applications, creating the foundation for developing deep customer insights.

One flexible service enablement: drive flexibility in service enablement to allow fast and easy launch and pull down of own and 3rd party services through open API's.

One unified management & charging: consolidate heterogeneous silo management systems into one highly automated system.

One business-optimized operation: explore collaboration opportunities such as outsourcing and partnering to drive efficiency and differentiation in your business and service offerings.


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