Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Motorola Unveils its Evolved Packet Core for LTE

Motorola introduced its LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) solution - the Wireless Broadband Core (WBC) 700 portfolio -- designed to give network operators the flexibility, performance and capacity they'll need to effectively operate their future LTE networks.

The Motorola WBC 700 solution is comprised of Motorola's mobility management entity (MME), packet and serving gateways (P-GW and S-GW), and a policy and charging rules function server (PCRF).

Motorola's WBC 700 solution leverages a dedicated control and bearer core architecture. The company said it is engineered to scale independently for data traffic or mobility in line with the EPC standard functional architecture. The MME leverages Motorola's hardware, software and expertise gained from its CDMA IP-BSC DO and mobile IP controller.

Motorola's WBC 700 solution also features best-in-breed elements from third-party companies, including a purpose-built intelligent multi-technology gateway platform which serves as both the P-GW and S-GW, and a PCRF that uses a smart approach to policy enforcement to deliver a compelling end-to-end EPC solution.

"LTE will be about personal media, with the ability to access all of your content, share it and take it with you wherever you go," said Fred Gabbard, vice president, product management, Wireless Networks, Home & Networks Mobility. "Building upon Motorola's mobile broadband experience in OFDM network deployments, Motorola's WBC 700 portfolio completes our end-to-end LTE solution, enabling us to provide a seamless and flexible path to LTE with a high degree of future proofing for the service provider at a reduced cost of ownership."

Motorola expects its EPC solution to be available in late 2009.

  • Earlier this summer, Motorola announced that it has been selected by KDDI as a key development vendor to help develop and implement KDDI's nationwide LTE network.

  • Motorola's LTE solution is comprised of its OFDM broadband platform and a selection of radio options that include MIMO and smart antennas. It also features Motorola's advanced self-organizing network (SON) solution. Motorola's WBR 500 series LTE eNodeB offers flexible deployment options with frame based-mounted radios, remote radio heads and tower top radios to support a wide variety of LTE deployment scenarios across numerous spectrum bands to meet the needs of the global market. Motorola's LTE portfolio also includes the EPC, backhaul, network management solutions, video solutions that monetize LTE investment, and a portfolio of professional services.

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