Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Motorola Energy-Efficient IPTV Set-tops

Motorola has expanded its VIP series IPTV portfolio with new high definition (HD) set-tops that are compliant with US and EU initiatives for low-power consumption, including ENERGY STAR and the EU's Eco-Design Directives for Energy-using Products (EuPs).

The Motorola VIP2202E, VIP2262E, VIP1002E, VIP1003 and VIP19xx series set-tops are all compliant with the European Commission's Code of Conduct (CoC) v8. CoC v8 defines three different operating modes for complex set-tops - 'standby', 'auto power down', and 'on'. Depending on models and the market in which they are deployed, all of the Motorola units are compliant with ENERGY STAR and European CoC recommendations.

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