Sunday, September 6, 2009

LSI and Aricent Announce Strategic Collaboration for NGNs

LSI and Aricent are expanding their strategic collaboration to accelerate the deployment of wireless and wireline networking infrastructure and enterprise networking systems to the global marketplace. The companies currently offer pre-integrated software stacks for multi-service business gateways that run on LSI APP communications processors and have co-developed broadband networking software with IPv6 capabilities. Aricent and LSI have now extended their collaboration to wireless and additional wireline infrastructure applications.

LSI and Aricent expect that pre-integration of their products will enable OEMs to reduce product development cost and time to market by as much as 50 percent.

"Demand for next-generation rich media services continues to escalate, and the pace of innovation is causing product development intervals to shrink," said Charlie Kawwas, vice president of marketing, Networking Components Division, LSI. "A key element of our strategy is to partner with global providers like Aricent who can provide standard products and custom software services so OEMs can rapidly develop next-generation solutions at significantly lower cost."

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