Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ikanos Debuts Latest 100/100 Mbps VDSL2 Access Chipsets

Ikanos Communications introduced its "Velocity" family of low-power, central office VDSL access chipsets for providing up to 100 Mbps symmetric bandwidth while operating at sub 1 Watt (W) per port -- the lowest power consumption of any A/VDSL device on the market.

Ikanos said its symmetrical 100/100 Mbps and asymmetrical 100/50 Mbps Velocity chipsets each provide dramatically improved long-range performance surpassing all loop conditions specified in the Broadband Forum's WT-114 VDSL2 Performance Test Plan. In addition, Ikanos' Velocity chipsets are fully compliant with the WT-115 VDSL2 Functionality Test Plan, while operating in any of the VDSL2 spectral profiles (8, 12, 17 and 30 MHz).

Significantly, the Ikanos Velocity chipsets are the first CO A/VDSL semiconductor devices compliant with European Code of Conduct (CoC) power consumption standards. The company estimates over 30 percent power savings compared to the next best A/VDSL chipset offering.

The Velocity chips also feature Ikanos' iQV -- a combination of ITU G.inp compliant retransmission and Ikanos "Rapid Rate Adaptation" (advanced ITU-T compliant SOS, SRA and Bitswap) technologies -- enables the chipset to intelligently adjust its data rate instantly to provide optimal quality in any line condition. The iQV technology enable IPTV services to stay connected without a drop in image quality even in noisy line conditions.

The Velocity chipsets are software compatible to Ikanos' prior generation of CO chipsets. In addition, the Velocity chipsets -- which support all ADSL and VDSL profiles --
complement Ikanos' line of residential gateway chipsets, including the highly integrated Fusiv Vx180. Evaluation boards and samples for both the 100/100 Mbps symmetrical (FX100100-6) and 100/50 Mbps asymmetrical (FX10050-6) Velocity chipsets are available now.