Thursday, September 17, 2009

Huawei Ships Over 60 Million Mobile Broadband Units Worldwide

Huawei announced a company milestone -- the worldwide shipment to date of over 60 million mobile broadband units, including data cards, dongles and embedded modules, across more than 133 countries.

Huawei predicts the number of mobile broadband subscribers will soar to over 2 billion within the next five years. To help telecom operators is translate the growth in mobile broadband traffic into a proportionate increase in revenue, Huawei has outlined what it sees as the key success factors that operators should follow:

  • New business models: As data speeds become higher and handsets smarter, mobile data connections will provide the primary means of accessing the Internet. This brings about a collision between the business models of the traditional telecom industry, pay for time or bits used, and the Internet, where much of the popular content is free, supported by advertising. Rather than simply supplying a data pipe to these Internet services, telecom operators will become service providers to their subscribers: adding value, providing flexible pricing and billing, ensuring stability and high performance of network services that will in return increase operators' ARPU and build customer loyalty.

  • Adoption of intelligent systems: The new business models are based on operators' abilities to increase network efficiency and to provide unique and customized services that differentiate themselves from their competitors. Operators need to analyze user patterns, and build up segmentation of user demand to assist efforts in marketing and advertising.

  • Embracing future technologies: Cutting-edge wireless technologies and products, such as HSPA+, LTE and femtocells will become mainstream standards in the near future and operators who are prepared and planning ahead of time for this shift will benefit tremendously.