Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hong Kong's CSL Confirms LTE Rollout and UMTS 900 MHz, Picks ZTE

Hong Kong-based CSL, which is a subsidiary of Telstra, unveiled its plans for the roll-out of UMTS in the 900 Mhz band and the building of a 4G or Long
Term Evolution (LTE) network. CSL has selected ZTE as its strategic vendor.

At a jointly-held event, themed "Long Term Evolution -- Imagine Life Now", the companies presented a live demonstration of LTE technology in action. The joint demonstration featured peak download speeds in excess of 100 Mbps.

CSL's deployment of UMTS 900 is the first instance of spectrum re-farming seen in Hong Kong. "Deployment of mobile services using UMTS in the 900 spectrum range is
designed to increase outdoor coverage and in-building penetration rates; something that is vitally important in Hong Kong with its high density urban environment" said CSL's Chief Technology Officer, Mr Christian Daigneault.

"We have devoted major investment to build one of the world's most advanced networks in Next G with more than 2,200 sites throughout Hong Kong all operating with HSPA+ which provides a peak throughput of 21Mbps. We are now expanding our coverage even further with UMTS 900, and we will continue to invest in 4G LTE through our strategic partnership with ZTE Corporation. We believe that these initiatives play a crucial role in consolidating our network leadership and enabling new wireless uses for consumers and enterprises alike," stated Tarek Robbiati, Chief Executive Officer of CSL

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