Monday, September 14, 2009

Hitachi Selects Kabira Transaction Core for Mobile WiMAX

Kabira Technologies' Provisioning and Service Activation (KPSA) and its Kabira Transaction Platform (KTP) have been incorporated as essential components for Hitachi's WiMAX Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) service platform.

The use of Kabira's KTP and KPSA products provides an event integration layer or network service bus for this MVNE platform. The Hitachi MVNE platform integrates provisioning workflows, charging functions, billing systems, contact centers, and OSS functions. This enables Hitachi to provide MVNE offerings that are specifically designed to minimize the effort required for operators to launch new service offerings.

"We are extremely pleased to see further adoption of our product offerings by Hitachi pursuant to our OEM Agreement signed earlier this year, in which our technologies are embedded as part of the MVNE Service Platform always-on configuration," said Chris Clabaugh, vice president of business development for Kabira. "Kabira's unique in-memory highly available transaction
platform has enabled Hitachi to provide a robust infrastructure ensuring that no single transaction is ever lost."

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