Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Broadcom Adds DSM L3 Cross-Talk Cancellation VDSL2

Broadcom unveiled a VDSL2-compliant Fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) line termination reference design featuring advanced chipset-level crosstalk cancellation technology. Vectoring or far end crosstalk (FEXT) cancellation significantly increases line performance by reducing the interference that originates from subscriber lines located in the same cable binder.

Broadcom said its technology accurately estimates and significantly reduces such crosstalk noise by processing feedback information from receivers located at the customer premises. The Broadcom vectorized VDSL reference design provides crosstalk cancellation to groups of 24 pairs of DSL lines and easily scales to groups of 48 pairs or more on the same line termination board. Broadcom designed a small footprint and flexible software to manage crosstalk cancellation using existing line card controllers which ultimately helps achieve energy-efficient, space-efficient and materials-efficient green designs for service provider networks.