Tuesday, September 1, 2009

AT&T Opens Dedicated Certification Lab for Emerging Devices

AT&T has opened a new lab dedicated to emerging device certification thereby accelerating the entry of innovative consumer electronics and M2M devices into the marketplace.

Located in Austin, the new lab will serve as the hub for testing network compatibility, data performance and audio quality for a broad range of non-traditional, wirelessly-enabled devices, such as netbooks, eReaders, portable navigation devices, utility products, and healthcare-related tracking devices, among others. The lab will also manage the field tests for these devices in markets across the country. The facility is designed specifically for the AT&T emerging device and business M2M (machine to machine) organizations.

"By offering emerging device manufacturers a one-stop shop for testing and certification, we're positioned to deliver even greater customer choice and innovation at a much quicker pace," said Glenn Lurie, president, AT&T Emerging Devices and Resale. "Our new lab will focus on consumer electronics and M2M manufacturers and thereby accelerate the process, make it easier for manufacturers and, ultimately, provide a top notch consumer and enterprise customer experience."

AT&T said it is on track this year to exceed the number of non-stock devices - devices not sold in AT&T stores - certified for its wireless network. Last year, AT&T certified 355 non-stock wireless units, including devices, modules, and maintenance releases. Since it began certifying non-stock devices in 2005, AT&T to date has certified more than 1,000 wireless hardware units for its network.

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