Thursday, August 20, 2009

WildBlue Surpasses 400,000 Rural BB Customers, Adds 3rd Satellite

WildBlue Communications now has over 400,000 customers of its satellite broadband service. WildBlue initially launched its service four years ago.

WildBlue said it continues to aggressively add capacity to its network to serve additional rural customers throughout the U.S. The company recently activated services on a third satellite in early August, and has applied for federal stimulus money to help fund a next generation satellite with the ability to serve an additional 1.5 million customers in the rural U.S.

The third satellite is EchoStar's AMC-15. It will serve customers in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and Arkansas. The additional capacity allows WildBlue to offer better availability of its broadband service to new customers in many areas of the continental U.S. where customer demand has been the highest.

  • In March, WildBlue announced an agreement to lease Ka band capacity on the AMC-15 satellite from Colorado-based EchoStar Satellite Services, a division of EchoStar Corporation.