Monday, August 10, 2009

H3C Tests 40/100G Data Center Switch with Spirent

H3C is using Spirent's TestCenter platform to evaluate the performance of its S12500 family of data center switches. Spirent TestCenter was selected specifically to test forwarding performance of the high-port-density S12500 platform. The S12500 is based on a 100 GigE platform and supports 40 GigE, 100 GigE and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) links.

Tests performed by H3C included evaluating the forwarding performance of Layer 2, Layer 3 (IPv4 and IPv6), multicast and MPLS traffic on 128 10G ports, as well as cache testing with bursty traffic. The results demonstrate that the S12500 platform is capable of supporting line-rate 100 GigE traffic with zero packet loss, through superior forwarding performance, powerful caching capabilities and extremely high reliability and stability.

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