Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FCC Seeks Comments on New Consumer Protections

The FCC is seeking public and industry comment on how best to ensure that consumers have the information they need to make informed decisions in the communications marketplace.

While the FCC's approach to information disclosure issues has traditionally focused on the formatting of consumer bills, the FCC is now considering what information should be available to consumers at each stage of the purchasing process: (1) choosing a provider, (2) choosing a service plan, (3) managing use of the service plan, and (4) deciding whether and when to switch an existing provider or plan for all communications services, including wireline voice and wireless services, as well as broadband and subscription video (cable and satellite).

This FCC also seeks particular comment on cost-effective best practices in information disclosure from within the communications sector -- as well as familiar examples for other areas, such as nutrition labeling on food products, fuel efficiency for automobiles, energy efficiency for household appliances, and rates and fees for credit cards.