Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ECI Telecom Ships XDM-3000 Core MSPP

ECI Telecom has begun commercial shipments of its new XDM-3000, an MSPP platform featuring 240 Gbps capacity that can be used as a Multi-ADM-16/64 and DXC. The new platform, which doubles the capacity of the widely-deploy XDM-1000, could be used to relieve traffic bottlenecks in congested nodes of existing networks.

The XDM-3000 offers a fan-out with 24 slots for service cards and combines TDM and carrier class Ethernet services. It offers full switching capability at the VC-12 level, along with advanced MPLS and ASON/GMPLS capabilities. It could be deployed in mesh, ring, multi-ring, star, and point-to-point topologies.

Synterra, a carrier's carrier, is upgrading its core backbone infrastructure nodes in several cities across Russia using the new XDM-3000. The company estimates that the new multi-service equipment will allow Synterra to optimize its network, and realize savings of more than 30% in the modernization of its network.

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