Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dell'Oro: Optical Market Grows 11% in Q2

The worldwide optical market grew 11 percent quarter-over-quarter (Q/Q) in the second quarter this year, according to a newly published report by Dell'Oro Group.

The Asia Pacific region contributed most of this sequential growth and was the largest region contributing nearly 40 percent of the worldwide revenues in the quarter.

"An 11 percent growth following a near historic sequential decline in the first quarter of the year gives me confidence that the worst may be over for the optical equipment market," said Jimmy Yu, Director of Optical Transport research at Dell'Oro Group. "My only reservation is that, although each region experienced slight growth, the growth was predominantly driven by Asia Pacific which grew nearly 25 percent sequentially.  Additionally, I estimate that it was revenue from China that contributed almost all of this region's growth, so a good deal of the optical market's recovery is dependent on China's continued strength as the other regions recover," Yu added. 


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