Sunday, August 9, 2009

Broadcom's MoCA Chip Reference Design Receives Certification

Broadcom received MoCA 1.1 Certification from the MoCA Certification Board. for its home networking reference design platform for set-top box (STB) and broadband access products. MoCA 1.1 enables home networking throughput of 175 Mbps using packet aggregation, which is a significant increase over MoCA's previously stated performance metric of 100 Mbps (with unmatched coax outlet coverage).  Additional features include parameterized quality of service (PQoS) for bandwidth management and the ability to prioritize multiple streams of high definition (HD) content.  Broadcom noted that its MoCA 1.1 certified home networking reference design platform also includes an increase in network size from 8 nodes to 16 nodes.