Monday, August 10, 2009

Bivio Networks Unveils Application Services Gateway

Bivio Networks announced the launch of its Application Services Gateway (ASG), a DPI-based multi-application service platform targeted at wireline and mobile service providers. The ASG provides both powerful subscriber-based services such as content-based filtering, processing and billing, managed security and parental control, as well as essential network operation services such as traffic and service management, monitoring and protection. The ASG is built on the Bivio 7000 DPI Application Platform.

Bivio's DPI classification engine leverages multi-layer, multi-stage DPI and processing capabilities.  The company said this enables it to transparently combine network, application and subscriber-level knowledge to inspect, identify and enforce network traffic policies on a per-flow and per-user basis. Example services and solutions enabled by the Bivio ASG include:

  • Parental control

  • Content filtering

  • Managed security

  • P2P traffic management

  • VoIP monitoring and control

  • Application usage policy enforcement

  • Anti-phishing/Anti-pharming

  • Content-based billing

  • Tiered services

"New devices, usage patterns and applications are drastically changing the way networks are used and managed," said Dr. Elan Amir, CEO of Bivio Networks. "Unlike existing solutions that require multiple disparate devices, the Bivio ASG enables network service providers to implement powerful flow-based services and policies on a common platform, providing a richer, more personalized Internet experience for subscribers. This leads to increased revenue streams and customer loyalty, while also improving system resiliency and service continuity."

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