Thursday, August 20, 2009

Australia's TransACT Tests 1 Gbps FTTP with Alcatel-Lucent

TransACT, which provides TV, phone and broadband services in Canberra, Australia, has tested Alcatel-Lucent's GPON architecture to deliver up to 1 Gbps to residential users. A first for Australia, TransACT is now committed to provisioning Alcatel-Lucent's ONTs in all of its future fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) deployments.

TransACT Chief Executive Officer Ivan Slavich said: "TransACT has been deploying an open fibre-to-the-home network for two years now and we are committed to keeping our eye to the future, investing in the best technology available to ensure higher speeds and richer services moving forward. We recently announced that we are turning on 100Mbps services for our FTTP network customers in parts of the ACT. Whereas ONTs used to be the blocking factor, this latest trial with Alcatel-Lucent affirms our capability to boost these speeds even further as our customers' appetite for higher bandwidth services increases."

Alcatel-Lucent noted that it is currently involved in over 95 FTTP projects worldwide, over 80 of which are with GPON.

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