Sunday, August 2, 2009

AT&T Enhances Network-Based Firewall

AT&T has enhanced security features and functionality for its network-based firewall offering. AT&T's Network-Based Firewall service is a fully managed, cost-effective solution that allows customers to manage and control individual users' access to the Internet and help prevent unauthorized access into their corporate AT&T network, without the expense of premises equipment.

New features include:

  • Anti-virus scanning of instant messaging applications, including ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! and AOL Instant

  • Expanded URL filtering, allowing or blocking access to more than 80 categories of Internet Web sites.

  • User Authentication to set policy controls over user level access to the Internet.

  • Inline scanning of HTTP and FTP content for common virus, spyware and malware threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Active Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Services (IDS/IPS), providing customizable policies and proactive investigational analysis and mitigation support

  • Additional security features and functionality, enabling customers to better manage their network security infrastructure.

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