Monday, August 31, 2009

AT&T Activates 3G in 850 MHz Spectrum in NYC Metro Area

AT&T has activated 3G services using the 850 MHz band across large portions of metro New York City, Long Island and New Jersey. The 850 MHz spectrum was deployed for 3G use at more than 1,600 cell sites.

The use of 850 MHz spectrum results in better in-door building coverage. While specific benefits of the additional 3G spectrum will vary by location, AT&T 3G said customers should see improved quality and coverage throughout New York City, Long Island and New Jersey where 850 MHz spectrum has been deployed. AT&T technicians nationwide responsible for monitoring network performance for service quality and coverage have seen significant increases in total 3G data traffic in areas where the 850MHz spectrum has been deployed.

"Where we deployed the additional 850 MHz spectrum, we saw an immediate increase in wireless data activity across the AT&T 3G network in those areas," said Tom DeVito, vice president and general manager for AT&T in New York and New Jersey.
Recently, AT&T announced plans to further upgrade its 3G network nationwide with HSPA 7.2 technology to deliver considerably faster mobile broadband speeds. The upgrades are planned to begin in the fourth quarter, with completion expected in 2011.

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