Monday, August 31, 2009

ARRIS Acquires EG Technology's Video Processors

ARRIS has acquired the key patents and video processing technology of EG Technology (EGT) , an Atlanta-based company, for an undisclosed sum. ARRIS will also hire about 20-25 of the company's employees.

EGT developed video processing technology, including encoders and transcoders, for digital networks. ARRIS said the acquisition complements its video offerings by adding multi-functional, flexible, and scalable video processors to its portfolio of market leading voice, video and data solutions.

"The addition of EGT's video processing portfolio to the ARRIS portfolio is another step in our evolution towards addressing all of the quad play, three-screen needs of broadband network operators," said Jim Lakin, President, ARRIS Advanced Technology. "The primary benefits from this acquisition will be the long term enhanced engineering and solution capabilities the EGT product portfolio will enable. The transaction is expected to be neutral with respect to earnings per share, excluding amortization of intangibles associated with the acquisition."

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