Sunday, August 16, 2009

AppTrigger Tunes its Service Broker for Voice Over LTE

AppTrigger is enhancing its "Ignite" Service Broker with the ability to deliver TDM Voice Services over Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband networks.

Currently, the voice network architectural options for carriers planning to deploy LTE include: a) maintaining a separate 2G/3G network for voice and using the new 4G network for data services, b) accelerating the rollout of a full-blown IMS infrastructure, or c) deploy a TDM Voice over LTE via Generic Access (VoLGA) architecture.

AppTrigger said a key concern should be the ongoing support of profitable circuit-switch applications, such as SMS.

Key benefits of the Ignite Service Broker (release version 11) include:

  • Service Broker enables Service Providers to extend current, revenue generating applications and services to LTE subscribers -- regardless of access architecture chosen

  • Pre-packaged interworking functionality accelerates time-to-market for critical revenue applications -- top most profitable applications and services included

  • XML based toolkit allows self-sufficient Service Providers to extend functionality as needed -- Ensures platform can evolve with SPs networks

Service Brokers, a network element that resides between the service layer and the converging network, are traditionally decoupled from the core switch and the service execution or service creation environment. Service Brokers efficiently manage service interaction and network orchestration with key features such as IM-SSF, SCIM, IN to IN Trigger Management, Protocol/Call Flow Management and Subscriber Data Management Interaction. AppTrigger's Ignite service broker enables carriers to preserve their investments in legacy applications by running them on next-generation networks, including LTE.

"The promise of advanced data services that LTE brings carriers comes with deployment challenges," said Patrick Fitzgerald, Sr. VP of Global Sales and Marketing at AppTrigger. "AppTrigger's Ignite Service Broker connects critical revenue-generating legacy applications such as TDM voice or SMS to any NGN architecture, including IMS and LTE, providing operators with tremendous CapEx and OpEx savings and without reinventing the wheel yet again."

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