Thursday, August 6, 2009

Allot Announces Largest Mobile Operator Win to Date

Allot Communications announced a framework agreement with a global tier-1 mobile operator group (name withheld) to supply its IP service optimization and revenue generation solutions based on deep packet inspection (DPI). Initial orders received are worth approximately US$5 million, The initial order includes the widest global deployment of Allot Service Gateway to date. In the current deployment, the Allot solution is being installed with local operators in a number of countries which collectively service more than 60 million voice subscribers.

The 3GPP mobile standard compliant solution is designed to ensure fair use network management and maximize subscriber quality of experience (QoE). Allot said its solution enables the operator to intelligently manage the network resources and optimize bandwidth utilization while giving each subscriber equal access to the network. Key to the solution is Allot's subscriber and application awareness technology which enables real-time identification of the traffic, giving the operator real-time visibility into the behavior of their own network.

"This deal has the potential to significantly change the way the mobile market offers subscriber services," said Rami Hadar, Allot's CEO and President. "Mobile broadband is growing beyond the industry's wildest expectations, and the current challenge for operators is to deploy reliable solutions that readily integrate into their networks and help them manage this data traffic explosion, as well as develop new revenue opportunities going forward. Allot has both the experience and expertise to meet these challenges head on."

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