Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alcatel-Lucent Builds Network for Uzbekistan-China Gas Pipeline

Alcatel-Lucent announced a US$26 million contract with JV Asia TransGas, an Uzbek oil and gas pipeline operator, to build up a communication infrastructure for the 500-km long Uzbekistan-China gas pipeline (UCGP). Alcatel-Lucent‘s solution, which will be installed by the end of summer 2009, will provide ATG with new and enhanced functionalities for video conferencing, surveillance (CCTV) and perimeter alarm. It will also enable Uzbekistan to modernize its national gas pipeline infrastructure. Alcatel-Lucent will supply a turnkey, integrated communications solution, including radio and optical transmission, satellite-based TV system and phone devices, voice switching systems and LAN.. Alcatel-Lucent will also provide comprehensive professional services including design, integration and testing, engineering, and installation. The contract was signed through Alcatel-Lucent's Chinese flagship company, Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell.

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