Monday, August 17, 2009

Accanto Launches IMS X-Ray for Customer Service Assurance

Helsinki-based Accanto Systems has launched its IMS X-Ray for providing customer service assurance over IMS.

Accanto System's IMS X-Ray is an Oracle-based application that pulls correlated IMS xDR information from Accanto's Traffic Analysis and Monitoring System (TAMS) as well as its advanced converged network probes (3GMaster, NeTracker, MSA-QX) to present intelligent and customizable views of an operator's IMS network. It supports the latest converged network technology, including 3GPP Release 7 and protocol coverage for SIP, SIP-T, SIP-M, RTP, H.323, MGCP, H.248 (MEGACO), COPS and Diameter (DBP). Of high interest to Accanto's customers is its ability to also support Diameter KPIs and SIP IMS analysis over mobile interfaces.

"While we have experienced the hype and overpromise of IMS like everyone else in our market, we are now heavily involved in helping Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers implement critical portions of the IMS signaling, protocols and interfaces that have strong payback," said Michele Campriani, CEO of Accanto Systems. "They are asking us to help them bring up, troubleshoot, and optimize relatively immature IMS technology to better enable new IP-based services. IMS X-Ray is a practical product that provides the signaling and protocol drill-down functionality as well as KPI monitoring support to ensure that we can deliver on that promise."