Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zeugma Adds SmartBoost Capability its Service Delivery Router

Zeugma Systems introduced a SmartBoost capability that enables its service delivery router (SDR) to instantly increase the bandwidth to an individual broadband subscriber. The new capability leverages the Zeugma Services Node's (ZSN's) Open Application Sandbox (OAS) and robust traffic management capabilities providing the ability for subscribers to self-provision temporary bandwidth increases. Subscribers could signal their desire for more bandwidth via a Web-browser, the set-top box interface or web-enabled smart phones, such as the iPhone.

Zeugma said its SmartBoost capability is far simpler for a network operator to implement than previous industry attempts to deliver individualized subscriber bandwidth shaping. Previous approaches require modification to a myriad of devices such as broadband remote access servers (BRAS), policy servers, and access nodes, which severely complicates implementation, driving up both cost and time-to-market. Zeugma's Smart Series applications run within the Zeugma Open Application Sandbox (OAS) to provide granular choices for defining basic and advanced broadband services. Other Zeugma Smart Series applications include SmartVideo, SmartMeter, SmartVOIP, and SmartMonitor.

Texas-based Hill Country Telephone is implementing the new SmartBoost capability.