Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TIA Issues Recommendations for National Broadband Plan

The Telecommunications Industry (TIA) issued its set of recommendations for creating a strong National Broadband Plan that will improve lives, enhance innovation, and help restore America's long-term prosperity. The comments filed with the FCC are intended to provide a "Roadmap" with targeted goals over the next three years.

Specifically, the TIA believes that the FCC should work to:

  • enhance efforts to stimulate investment and innovation in next-generation broadband;

  • pursue forward-looking spectrum management and the allocation of additional spectrum;

  • strive to provide communications to all Americans, including low-income Americans and those in rural areas, and persons with disabilities;

  • support open and fair market access for U.S. companies by promoting full, fair and open trade and competition in international markets;

  • foster investment by increasing federal funding, and employing tax credits, expensing provisions, and similar tools; and

  • promote the development of a broadband interoperable public safety network capable of protecting all communities in the event of further domestic disasters.

"The Commission has a unique chance to establish a transparent strategic National Broadband Plan to ensure that all Americans have access to affordable high-quality broadband and to enable ubiquitous consumer adoption of such services. TIA's Roadmap provides practical solutions, action items, and timelines that will swiftly bridge the broadband divide," said TIA Vice President for Government Affairs Danielle Coffey.

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