Thursday, July 16, 2009

NTT Com to Offer Wide-area Ethernet via Broadband

NTT Communications is launching a wide-area Ethernet service for enterprise customers across Japan that uses inexpensive broadband IP access lines. The service, named Group-Ether, is a best-effort service offering low-cost nationwide network coverage by taking advantage of broadband access lines that NTT Com's sister companies NTT East and NTT West provide with certain versions of their FLET'S-branded Internet access services. The service launches this week.

Group-Ether provides a Layer 2 connectivity, giving users flexibility in choosing their network's design and communications protocol. NTT Com will provide one-stop service covering applications, billing and troubleshooting, as well as FLET'S access line, dedicated converter and network. The service fee will vary depending on the type of service, bandwidth and access line. In the case of a Main-Category service type using Economy Plan bandwidth and a FLET'S Hikari Next Family Type access line, the monthly service fee will be 18,900 yen (tax included).

NTT Com already offers a wide-area Ethernet service, named e-VLAN, with guaranteed quality and burstable bandwidth, suited to large facilities requiring high-end network performance. The addition of Group-Ether will give customers a relatively low-cost alternative for smaller offices and facilities where network requirements are less demanding. Offices will be able to interconnect their e-VLAN and Group-Ether networks from the third quarter of 2009.