Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nortel Enhances its Carrier VoIP Communications Server 1500

Nortel is preparing to release a new version of its Communications Server (CS) 1500 in Q3 that will enable carriers to be more efficient by taking advantage of remote upgrades and introduce new billing, operations, administration and maintenance capabilities. Some of the new features enabled include:

  • SIP Business Trunking: Provides carriers an IP connection to PBXs, which allows them to use a single broadband connection for both voice and data traffic to businesses with on-site PBXs. Having a single connection helps cut costs because it eliminates the need to invest in costly (and less functional) TDM media gateways or PRI trunks to interface with the PSTN.

  • Remote upgrades: Provides a more cost-effective method of applying a software release. When the remote upgrade method is used, a Nortel technician can access the carrier's switch remotely to direct the software upgrade.

  • Hunt Group Queuing: Allows business subscribers to ensure that important calls do not go unanswered. If all lines in a hunt group are engaged, incoming calls are placed in a queue while they are waiting to be answered, and connected as soon as a line is free.

  • Contact Center Interoperability: Enterprise customers using Nortel's Business Communication Manager and Communication Server 1000 can be assured that their contact centers will continue to process calls trouble free with the CS 1500 as their connection to the outside world.

  • Standard Service Profiles with Graphical User Interface: This simplifies the carrier's task of provisioning a variety of service packages to residential subscribers.