Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lockheed Martin Develops Submarine Communications System

Lockheed Martin completed a key systems requirement milestone in its effort to deliver a Communications at Speed and Depth (CSD) capability for U.S. Navy submarines. The capability will enable secure, two-way communications between submarines operating below periscope depth and at tactical speeds with surface ships, aircraft and land-based assets. All classes of U.S. Navy submarines will be equipped with this transformational capability.

The Lockheed Martin-led industry team, which includes Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems and ERAPSCO, a joint venture between Sparton Electronics Florida, Inc. and Ultra Electronics - USSI, will deliver three types of two-way communications devices and associated submarine and shore equipment. Two of the devices - the tethered expendable communications buoy (TECB) Iridium system and the TECB-UHF system - are launched from submarines. The third is an acoustic-to-RF Gateway (A2RF) system that can be launched from submarines and aircraft.