Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Latin American Mobile Carriers Launch Free-to-Air TV with Telegent

Telegent Systems, which supplies single-chip mobile TV solutions, reports accelerating adoption by leading operators throughout Latin America of mobile phones with a free-to-air TV feature.

Since December of last year, subsidiaries of América Móvil and Telefónica that are the leading operators in their country -- including Telcel in Mexico, Claro Argentina, COMCEL Colombia, and Movistar in Mexico and Peru -- have deployed multiple models of Telegent-enabled TV handsets that allow consumers to receive live, free-to-air broadcast TV programs -- without additional cost.

Telegent said free-to-air TV phones provide an additional benefit to operators -- because the phones leverage the existing broadcast ecosystem and TV content, operators are able to deliver the TV feature to customers without a significant financial investment in infrastructure and content licensing, and customers are able to access TV on their mobile without having to pay more for a service.

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