Thursday, July 9, 2009

Huawei Launches Multi-mode Base Station Controller

Huawei Technologies launched a convergent Base Station Controller (BSC) that integrates both the GSM BSC and the UMTS RNC (Radio Network Controller) into one multi-mode controller. The product is the latest component of Huawei' s SingleRAN solution.

Huawei said its new equipment, combined with the other features of the SingleRAN solution, will enable operators to achieve the full convergence of multi-mode wireless networks, including greater efficiencies with operation and maintenance, radio resource management and transmission resource management. Specifically designed to support multiple wireless systems via a single uniform access network, the SingleRAN solution integrates radio bearers for voice, narrowband data, mobile broadband and more into one network element instead of many.

Huawei also launched two software defined radio (SDR)-enabled RRUs (radio remote units) with dual-transmitter capability. The first RRU supports GSM/UMTS/LTE technologies by using the same 1800M/1900M/850M/900M spectrum and is the only SDR-enabled RRU product to have received standardization by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. The second SDR-enabled RRU can provide UMTS/LTE services while using the same 2100 MHz spectrum.

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