Sunday, July 12, 2009

Exalt Supplies High-Speed Microwave Radios in Illinois

The Addison Fire Protection District in DuPage County, Illinois, has chosen Exalt Communications' EX-4.9i all-indoor digital microwave radio systems to deliver dispatch calls and to provide location information, traffic alerts, call specifics, mapping and other data vital to its mission. DuPage County spans 337 square miles west of downtown Chicago and has nearly 1 million residents, making it the second-largest county in Illinois. It is also home to 29 fire protection districts.

The Exalt EX-4.9i microwave radio systems were deployed by A Beep, Illinois' largest operator of specialized radio systems. The radios operate in the licensed public safety radio band and can support up to 55 Mbps of Ethernet data and up to four T1 lines with the company's exclusive CarrierTDD technology, which provides 99.999% throughput availability. Although the system was initially deployed to support only voice, the district later used the Exalt EX-4.9i web-based management system to configure 27 Mbps of Ethernet data without the need to travel to the radios themselves.

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