Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BridgeWave's Backhaul Links Video Surveillance Net in Texas

BridgeWave Communications' FE60U gigabit upgradeable wireless products are being used to power the wireless video surveillance network for the City of Highland Village in Texas. BridgeWave's radio links provide the backhaul for the surveillance video cameras. BridgeWave said that a fiber optic network for the surveillance cameras was not an option in this case due to cost and time-to-install. To cover the shopping centers, Highland Village used multiple license-free BridgeWave FE60U products for its advanced wireless security providing full-rate, full-duplex Fast Ethernet capacity. In addition, the ultra-low latency afforded by these wireless links allow officers at the monitoring station to utilize the camera's full pan-tilt-zoom function with little delay, providing razor sharp images as the camera moves to a new subject almost instantaneously. As the network adds more cameras, and thus requiring greater backhaul capacity, the FE60U links can be upgraded to full-rate gigabit speeds.

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