Sunday, July 26, 2009

BigBand Unveils Converged Video Exchange Software Control Plane

BigBand Networks introduced its Converged Video Exchange (CVEx), an intelligent software control plane that provides a unified means to deliver and manage linear and non-linear video services across the network edge, to traditional MPEG set-top boxes (STBs) and next-generation IP devices.

BigBand said it developed the CVEx to remove the boundaries between disparate video service types by dynamically controlling the allocation of all RF and IP video services within a single bandwidth pool. The software is designed to offer a single control plane as operators move toward eliminating the dedicated bandwidth silos for individual services such as Video on Demand (VOD), Switched Digital Video (SDV) and IPTV, while simultaneously improving spectrum utilization.

Key capabilities of the CVEx platform include:

  • A common interface and single means to rapidly deploy and ensure a quality video service experience across traditional MPEG set-top boxes and next-generation IP devices including PCs, TVs and ultimately, to mobile devices;
  • Allows for bandwidth to be pooled and reallocated on an as-needed basis; and

  • Provides subscriber and video service measurement tools that cross multiple data planes with holistic views of program and service behaviors, network resource usage and "what if" scenario planning.

The initial implementation of the CVEx platform will include application sharing between RF applications with subsequent functionality added as the industry further evolves toward IP.

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